Mills Racing for a Cure

Mills had a great time being part of the sea of pink this past weekend at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!  Thank you to everyone for your generous donations which allowed our team to beat our goal by over $600!!  It was amazing to share in the quest for a cure for breast cancer with the record-breaking 71,802 St. Louis participants!  Check out our photos from the event below… 

Group 17 052
Sea of Pink!

 Group 17 044
Check out CityView Apartments in the background!

Group 17 048
Mills Team Members Mandi Randall, Sarah Elizabeth Aiello, & Francine & John Graf.

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Jerome Will

These people look happy!They probably don’t live in Plaza Square!Cockroaches galore and atrocious hallways!When I was shown the apartment I currently and unfortunately reside in,the leasing agent told me they were gonna replace the carpeting in the hallways within a couple months.6 months later,they still have burns and stains from God knows what!Bottom line,I’m gettin the hell outta here!I work downtown and wish I could recommend this place to fellow co-workers,but the fact is,I’m ashamed that I moved in here!Good luck keeping anybody here that works for a living!Section 8 is your future here…or a tax writeoff

Jerome Will

I also forgot to mention the “free building heat”. It is free radiant heat when they keep it on.But as I found out this last Spring,as soon as a nice day comes around,the heat is shut off.The transition between Winter and Spring is unpredictable,but we all know some days are cold and some days are mild.As soon as a warm day hits,the heat is off,even if the cold weather returns the next day.During a transitional weather period,heat should remain an option,but it was not at Plaza Square.As far as getting residents to want to renew their lease,issues like this make those of us that can move,want to move:)

Charmaine Parker

Mr. Will I apologize for your experience. It is our goal to make sure every resident is satisfied and happy. I have contacted Best Control Pest Services to treat your apartment today. He will continue to follow up until your problem is resolved.
City View is in transition and there are great things to come. There are plans to update the apartments, hallways (to include new carpet, paint, and lighting), lobbies, laundry facilities, and fitness center just to name a few. In fact, the laundry facility rehab began June 28, 2010 and is scheduled to be completed by mid July. The new facilities will have brand new washers, dryers, flooring, lighting, folding tables, and vending.
Also, as part of the apartment upgrades we are installing brand new heating and cooling systems in each individual apartment. Residents will be notified when their apartment is schedule for installation. Our goal is to have the new units installed before fall.
There are great things happening at City View. My staff and I are committed to providing exceptional service and quality of life to every resident. Stick around to see what happens next.
If you have any other concerns, please contact me at 314-588-1177.
Charmaine Parker
Property Manager
City View Apartments

Jerome Will

Thank You Ms.Parker for your prompt response.The apartments facing East in this building have some of the best views of the Arch and the St.Louis skyscape!I look forward to the renovations here at City View.I understand the transition period must be difficult.Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure issues are being addressed.You have made me feel optimistic about living here:)

Cheryl Malone

Hello, I toured ZaZ apartment this past weekend. While I understand it is in the renovation stage, the answers to my questions were puzzling. I asked the manager Karly when they planned to renovate the exterior..peeling paint, punched in doors etc. I was told by Karly, that no there are no plans to spruce up the exterior and there is no budget for it. The doors were beat up, had holes the size of fists; one door had approximately 30 staples in it. I commented to her that the doors were pretty rough looking and she replied “They lock and that’s the most important thing’! I was put off by this and did not fill out an application. It is hard to believe that a nice company such as Mills Properties will leave the exterior like this and condone such non-professionalism from their managers. You lost a great tenant that day.

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback – we very much appreciate it.
I do apologize for the experience you had while touring Zaz recently. We have managed the building for just a short period of time and are working with ownership to make the changes that are necessary to make the experience much better. Your comments are very much welcomed as they help us to keep the important things front and center.
Here are just a few things we have worked to enhance; all handrails have been repaired and repainted, enhancements to the landscape have been made throughout and various repairs to the building’s exterior are in motion. And, while it is taken a bit more time than we would like, I think people will be pleased with the finished product.
Cheryl – thank you again for taking the time. Please know that great things are coming to ZAZ and we would love a second chance to make a first impression.
Thank you.

Wow this is an interesting fund raiser event!

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People united for a good cause. Very inspiring!
Sharing as well how Lancaster New City makes buying residential house and lot an exciting and rewarding experience.

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